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AnyOne Surgical Kit

: AnyOne Internal / OneStage Kit


[Surgical Kit Components]

   - Initial Drill

•  Used to pierce the cortical bone initially.

•  Advisable to go into the bone to the full length of a fixture.


   - Shaping Drill

• Each drill has depth marking lines from 7.0mm to 15.0mm.

• The dual marking system(grooves and laser markings) provides visual and

   radiographic depth verification during surgery.

• TiN coating on drills: Enhanced corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

  ※ Actual drill length: Drill length does not normally include the Y dimension

     of the drill.

  ※ Markings on the Shaping Drill are 0.5mm longer than the fixture.

     So fixtures will automatically be placed 0.5mm subcrustal if the drilling

     protocol is followed.


   - Dense Drill

• To control initial stability in dense bone(type I & II), use the Dense Drill

   to remove and shape the cortical bone.


   - Handpiece Connector

• Used with Handpiece to remove fixture from ampule and to place the fixture.

• Spring type connection allows for easy and secure pick-up and positioning

   of the fixture.

• The first mark on the shaft indicate the position of the fixture platform,

   For the second mark, the bottom of the black line is 3mm and the top of the

   black line is 4mm (from fixture platform).

• Especially useful in flapless surgery.


   - Drill Extension 

• No more than 35Ncm torque: May distorted when excessive force is applied.

• Extends drills & other handpiece instruments.


   - Direction Indicator

• Confirms drilling direction and functions as a parallel guide for additional


• Each end of the Direction Indicator has a different diameter


   - Path Finder 

• After the fixture is placed, a Path Finder may be connected into the fixture and

   function as a parallel guide for additional osteotomies.

• Grooves indicate the distance from the fixture platform. The first groove is

   0.3mm and the second groove is 1mm, especially useful in flapless surgery.


   - Ratchet Wrench

• Used to exert more force than the Handpiece.

• No bearing system : No breakage and no corrosion problems.

• Arrow laser marking indicates direction of the force.


AnyOne Surgical Kit


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