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Initial Drill

  • Use the initial drill in order to mark the drilling position on the bone.

   Start drilling slowly, when drill guide part is fully contacted with drilling core of

   R2GATE Guide™.

  • Recommended drilling speed range is 300 ~ 800 RPM with copious irrigation.

Second Drill

  • This unique step-drill(from Ø2.0 to Ø4.6) is used to flare out the upper cortical

   bone of the osseotomy.

  • It helps not only the rest drilling procedure but abut- ment connection.

   In case of hard bone, if the 2nd drilling will be disturbed by thick cortical bone.

   Stop the drilling and try it after final drilling procedure.


Stopper Drill

  • Universal drills consist of Ø2.0, Ø.2.5, Ø2.8 diameter to enlarge the

   osteotomy gradually.

  • The length of drill are designed as 7.0, 8.5, 10, 11.5,13mm for most common

   length of implant system.

  • Recommended drilling speed range is 500 ~ 800 RPM with copious irrigation.

Tap Drill

  • The purpose of tab drills in the universal kit system is insertion test.

  • Recommended insertion torque and speed is 45 ~ 50Ncm, under 40 RPM.

Implant Carrier

  • To pick up the fixture from the ampule and insert it to the ossetomy.

   Then turn it to clock-wise direc- tion 2~3 times manualy.

  • When it gets fixation from the osteotomy, connect the handpiece adaptor

   and use implant motor.

  • Recommended insertion torque is 45~50Ncm.

R2GATE Narrow Kit


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