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R2GATE Universal Kit Maximize the cost- effectiveness & efficiency.

Make your own R2GATE Surgical Kit with your favorite implant system.

R2GATE Universal kit consists of basic drilling set which can be used for any

implant system. You can add system options as “Implant Carrier”, “Cortical

Bone Drill”, “Tap Drill” to your favorite implant system. The specification of final

drills will be decided with treatment planning and delivered to you with R2GATE

Guide™ will be from the R2GATE Design Centre.


[Drills & Components of R2GATE Universal Kit]

   - Initial Drill

• Use the initial drill in order to mark the drilling position on the bone.

  Start drilling slowly, when drill guide part is fully contacted with drilling core

  of R2GATE Guide™.

• Recommended drilling speed range is 300 ~ 800 RPM with copious irrigation.


   - Second drill

• This unique step-drill(from ⌀2.0 to ⌀4.6) is used to flare out the upper cortical

  bone of the osseotomy.
• It helps not only the rest drilling procedure but abutment connection.

  In case of hard bone, if the 2nd drilling will be disturbed by thick cortical bone.

  Stop the drilling and try it after final drilling procedure.


   - Stopper Drill

• Universal drills consist of ⌀2.0, ⌀.2.5, ⌀2.8 diameter to enlarge the osteotomy

• The length of drill are designed as 7.0, 8.5, 10, 11.5,13mm for most common

  length of implant system.
• Recommended drilling speed range is 500 ~ 800 RPM with copious irrigation.


   - Carrier-Handpiece Adapter

• Useful to use the handpiece for the implant placement following initial delivery

  of a fixture with a fixture carrier ratchet type.


   - Carrier Extension

• To extend the length of implant carrier.


   - Torque Wrench & Adapter

• Torque Wrench has torque options from 15Ncm to 45Ncm and is used for

  the placement of an implant and final tightening of the Abutment Screw.



[Optional Instrument]

   - Narrow Crest Drill

• It is used when fixture will be slantly implanted or to flat the sloped bone

  surface of narrow ridge to prevent any slips during drilling.
• Design as 2-piece: drill body and housing
• Can be disassembled. Easy to clean and remove bone chips
• Can harvest autogenous bone if it is used after soft tissue


When you want to do R2GATE surgery with R2GATE Guide™,

Please inform us your favorite implant system.


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R2GATE Universal Kit


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