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Wireless Auto Torque Driver MEG-TORQ


1. Accurate & Fast!

  • It’s possible to operate wide range of surgical procedures from implant

   placement to orthodon tics with various controllable torque and speed

     - Torque setting : 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35Ncm

        / RPM setting : 15, 30, 45 and 60 RPM

  • State-of-the-art TCS (torque calibration system) minimizes torque value

   errors between Motor Handpiece and Contra-Angle.Provided numerical

   data as torqueing abutment screws (Torque gauge function)
  • Wide LCD display guarantees convenience.
  • More than 2 times faster than using manual torque wrench, enable to

   shorten chair time.


2. User-Friendly!

  • LCD Digital Display shows every function including torque, speed,

   direction of rotation, battery condition and calibration mode setting.

   Panel display is clear and easy to use.
  • Operation buttons at both ends allow clinicians to use in various angles

   and grip positions.

  • Cordless Power Recharging (max 60 minutes of continuous operation time

   when fully charged)

  • Ergonomic Design empowers clinicians to operate easily.
  • One-handed operation provides a wider view of operation site.
  • Functions as an exact Torque Gauge to make perfect tightening of

   abutments and screws.


3. Clinical Advantage ; Implant surgery by using MEG-TORQ without irrigation

  - One-handed operation widens implants view and increases productivity

    and safety.
  - Easy to handle the prosthetics. Speedy, ac curate and safe operation
  - Visual access to operation site becomes easy thanks to the 2 operation

    buttons (up/ down) even in small spaces in the molar area.
  - Installation and removal of implant coping, healing abutment, and cover

    screws can be faster (more than 2 times) and more accurate.
  - MEG-TORQ is useful to reach to a distal implant or difficult cases such as

    lower third molar case than using hand-driver.



Add option

Right Angle Driver
   • Use to torque straight type Multi-unit Abutments.
   • Use with latch-type handpiece.
   • Use with Meg-TORQ (ref code: MEG_TORQ)


Add +Right Angle Driver
  • Description Ref.C
    2 Right Angle Driver included.
    [1 Long Type, 1 Short Type(1.2 Hex)]


    Right Angle Driver

    Hex Length Ref.C
    2.0 10 MURAD10



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