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Impression Coping

- 2-piece, Pick-up Type (For Open-tray Technique)
   • Square structure; strong anti - rotation function.
   • Designed for easy and accurate pick-up impression.
   • Extra-long guide pin can be purchased separately.



- 2-piece, Transfer Type (For Closed-tray Technique)
   • Streamlined shape ; easy to transfer.
   • Anti-rotation grooves match with hex structure of fixtures.
   • Should be tightened with Impression Driver.
   • Special impression coping screw which can be used

     with a 1.2mm hex driver is available on request.


Impression Coping AnyRidge

  • Diameter Height Ref C
    Ø4.0 12mm AANIPH4012T
      16mm AANIPH4016T
    Ø5.0 12mm AANIPH5012T
      16mm AANIPH4016T


  • Diameter Height Type Ref C
    Ø4.0 12mm 2-piece AANITH4012T
    Ø5.0 12mm 2-piece AANITH5012T
    Ø4.0 12mm 2-piece(1.2 Hex) AANITH4012HT
    Ø5.0 12mm 2-piece(1.2 Hex) AANITH5012HT




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