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Free AnyRidge Surgical Kit Package


If you purchase 15 AnyRidge fixtures, Full AR Surgical kit comes for free.

Purchase now and order sizes whenever need.


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Free AnyRidge Kit package

  • * All the MegaGen special/ Package orders take effect after confirmation of payment. Payment options are found on the invoice. 

    * Due to special price, this order is not refundable.

    * When payment is completed, the order will be confirmed and dispatched. 

    * Instalment plan can be arranged by agreement. (initial deposit required)

    * This order is valid for two years from the date of invoice issued.

    * Customers can order specific sizes and quantities when needed.

    * This order is not refundable, but exchangeable for sizes limited in the same products. In this case, additional shipping cost will be charged to the customers.

    * For R2 Surgical Guide, it is basically one hole only, if additional holes needed, extra cost will be charged.  

    * For Crown, it is a full monolithic screw retain base, for other options of crown, extra cost will be charged.


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