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Auto-Max Autogenous Bone Harvester


Easy and Fast Operation

 • Sufficient cutting force can be obtained even at low RPM.
 • Autogenous bone can be harvested within 10 seconds.

 • Amount of bone harvested can be equivalent to the size of each AutoMax.

 • Enables quick, easy bone harvesting in a single procedure.

 • It can be cleaned thoroughly as the Stopper is easily disconnectable.

 • V shaped opening completely prevents bone chips from splattering during


 • May be used in any type of bone with excellent durability.


How to use

 1. Connect an Auto-Max to the handpiece and position the stopper

     on the Auto-Max.

 2. The Auto-Max should meet the bone surface perpendicularly.

     Press the handpiece to fix the sharp point of the drill on the bone, and start

     drilling at about 300~500 rpm with copious irrigation.

 3. Do not pump during harvest. Pumping may scatter the harvested bone.
 4. The Auto-Max will automatically stop ped at bone depth of 4mm.
 5. Disconnect the stopper from Auto-Max and collect particulated autogenous

    bone in a sterilized tray. 

 [Repeat steps 1~5 until the desired volume of bone is obtained.]
 6. Bone should be harvested from a new site each time, avoiding overlap with

    other harvest sites.


Go to Auto-Max web page for more detail


  • Spec. Ref.C
    Ø2.5~Ø3.5 / Stopper AM2535
    Ø4.0~Ø5.0 / Stopper AM4050
    Ø5.0~Ø6.0 / Stopper AM5060
    Ø6.0~Ø7.0 / Stopper AM6070



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