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Advanced Implant Fellowship Course

For participants who want to improve knowledge and skills to the advanced level. Complex cases implant placements with adhesive lectures and hands-on practices
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Advanced Implant Fellowship Course

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Megagen Australia Dental Implants, 1/233 Greenhill Rd, Dulwich SA 5065, Australia

About The Event

Complex implant placements for Intermediate to Advanced level


1. Advanced Surgical Techniques – 1

Learn PRF and Soft tissue management for successful implant restoration 

Hands-on (Pig jaws) 

18-19 Jul 2020                   $1,900 + GST 

· Development of treatment plan for multiple and complex cases

· Consideration of surgical and restorative aspects.

· Surgical procedures for bone preservation of tooth extraction

· Indications for bone grafting

· Bone anatomy & physiology, implants & osseointegration 

· Bone grafting protocols

· Techniques for socket preservation

· GBR techniques and materials used

· Horizontal and vertical bone grafting

· Soft tissue management around dental implants

· Harvesting connective tissue grafts and free gingival grafts

· Follow up, management of soft tissue, complications

2. Advanced Surgical Techniques – 2

Learn Sinus lift principles and techniques anatomic and physiologic for Bone augmentation techniques 

Hands-on (Pig jaws)

22-23 Aug 2020                   $1,900 + GST 

· Sinus lift principles and techniques

· Differentiate and utilize sinus lift techniques

· Maxillary Sinus Anatomy

· Basis for sinus floor augmentation 

· Anatomical considerations for sinus lift implant placement and bone grafting procedures

· Patient evaluation and treatment planning

· Sinus lift instrumentation & use of Bone compression kit

· Sinus lift surgery management and materials

· Demonstration of sinus lifting procedure

· Overview of the sinus lifting procedure and considerations 

· Advanced bone augmentation techniques

3. Dr. Howard Gluckman Advanced Implant

2-days workshop       17-18 Sep 2020  $4,200 + GST 

Full day seminar         19 Sep 2020

Khoury Bone Block Techniques:

• Autogenous Bone

• Botiss Bone Plates

• Palatal Bone Block

Immediate Implant Placement:

• Partial Extraction Therapies

• CTG and the Tunnel Technique with Immediate Provisionalisation

Soft Tissue Techniques:

• Digital Smile Design – the new revolution in digital planning

• Creating Soft Tissue

• Correcting Soft Tissue Defects

• Soft Tissue Harvesting & Synthetic Replacement

• Soft Tissue Procedures Around Natural Teeth

• Rotated Palatal Flap

• Peri-Implantitis & Peri-Mucositis – Aetiology & Treatment

• Apically Repositioned Flap

• Vestibuloplasty with Free Gingival Graft

• Tunnel technique with CTG (for treatment of recession sites)

• Cornily Repositioned Flap (using the VISTA technique)

• Vascularised Rotated Palatal Flap (for closure of extraction sockets)

• Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) in implant dentistry

4. Advanced Prosthetic

All on X, Implant Overdenture

Advanced technique exercises to place Implants and to take impressions using various components with edentulous models. (Freehand and Surgical guide)

For use of standard implants for implant over denture in the mandible with direct/indirect techniques. Hands-on Practice

24-25 Oct 2020  $1,900 + GST 

· Advanced technique exercises to take impressions using various components

· Implant supported fixed prosthesis for full mouth including all on X

· Implant overdenture in the mandible with direct/indirect techniques

· Conventional and guided protocols

· Temporisation techniques and immediate loading protocols

· Technique exercises to place MiNi implants and direct/indirect Meg Rhein attachments

· Implant Risk and Preoperative Analysis

· Implant Biomechanics and Occlusion

· Screw Retained vs Cement Retained Prostheses

· Biological and physiological rationale to immediate loading of implant restorations

· Removable options

· Techniques of implant components and overdentures

· Mandibular implant overdentures

· Factors of stress

· Digital guides as surgical stents

Hands on exercises = model based

 1. Use of restorative drivers both hand and machine

 2. Requisite for ISQ 

 3. Impression techniques - analog, open tray, closed tray, splinting

 4. Fabrication of direct provisional

 5. Fabrication of custom healing abutments

 6. Ideal torque control and screw preload

 7. Cementation techniques = copy and open abutment

  • Advanced Full Course
  • Advanced Surgical - 1
  • Advanced Surgical - 2
  • Howard Gluckman Workshop
  • Advanced Prosthetics

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