Lectures / Clinical Cases

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1 Department of Oral Surgery, St Joseph University, Beirut 17-5208, Lebanon

2 Private practice, Beirut 17-5208, Lebanon

3 Private Practice, 87011 Cassano allo Ionio, Italy

4 GyeongSan Mir Dental Hospital, Gyeongsan 41934...

- #36 Ø6.5 / L11.5mm

- Auto Max

• Sufficient cutting force can be obtained even at low RPM. Autogenous bone can be harvested within 10 seconds!

• Amount of harvested bone may be equivalent to the size of each Auto-Max.

• Enables quick, easy bone harvesting in a single proc...

Root Membrane technique is a surgical procedure performed after implant placement to induce successful osseointegration as increasing the soft tissue aesthetics by minimizing the loss of the buccal fragment after extraction.

It separates the root at the time of extracti...

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