With a special biologically-inspired design, AnyRidge implants offer effective treatment solutions that are less invasive, fast, predictable, and esthetically superior, especially when considering immediate placement, immediate loading, and short implants.

Launched in 2009, the long-term clinical results with AnyRidge implants continue to confirm the excellence and superiority of this new design standard…

Select the best AnyRidge implant to achieve amazing initial stability in any bone density (D1-D4) and with any ridge structure (width & depth) – hence the name AnyRidge!

MegaGen Implant System
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Partial Extraction Therapy by Howard Gluckman

Do you have the right tools for your Partial Extraction Therapy Procedures?

The NEW MegaGen Partial Extraction Therapy (PET) Kit, developed by the “PET master”

Dr Howard Gluckman, and specifically to make the PET procedures more achievable.

The step-by-step process and sequence of this kit help to standardize the procedures to enable faster and more predictable results.

Only available from MegaGen - contact us for more info.

With - Joel GonzalesScott McnallyLana Wanke Bladow

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What doctors say..

I am really impressed with the quality products offered by MegaGen. The MegaGen team in Australia is well trained with an outstanding customer service and reliable technical support. With all of that, MegaGen is a well rounded package!

Al Koudmani Dental, NSW

The MegaGen and R2Gate are far easier to use than the leading brand 'N' platform. Perfect implant placement using the surgical guide with ISQ reading 82 to 84! Excellent provisional crown and no flap, virtually no blood!

AnyRide and R2 surgical guide is a revolutionary combination, especially for the general practitioner dentist!

Tooth32, SA

MegaGen dental implants
went really well for my first case. 

Straight forward and easy to use. Amazing primary stability
for soft bone as well. 

The first case support package is well designed to start MegaGen! 

Semaphore Dental, SA

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MegaGen Australia Dental Implants

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